But He Does Not Rule The Heavens

BUT HE DOES NOT RULE THE HEAVENS was created as an independent visual layer to the site-specific performance project My Icarus Complex.
But He Does Not Rule The Heavens is a series of photographs composed through virtous movements, fueled by an emotional desire to be free. A burning itch to shatter the shackels of society and fly high in the sky.
To dance around the sun till you feel the burn and then drift off into the cold and quiet dark

Performers: Ichi Go, Lena Kilchitskaya, Paula Tato, Sedrig Verwoert, Tizo All, Yotam Peled. Costume Design: Nelson Santos. Hair and Makeup: Kenny Campbell. Music: Esben Valløe. Producer: Troels Primdahl, Kristian Schwartz.

©Anders Bigum 2023