Morgan Morgan

Morgan Morgan was created as an interactive on-stage video instalation for the play “Verdens Bedste Forestilling”, at Teater Nordkraft 2018

Verdens Bedste Forestilling

The actors of Teater Nordkraft; Petrine Agger, Jela Natius and Alexander Clement, set out to create “Verdens Bedste Forestilling” - “The best Play in The World” in collaboration with dramaturgy Magnus Iuel Berg, scenographer Claus Helbo and visual artist Anders Bigum.

“Verdens Bedste Forestilling” was based on a wide series of interviews with local citizens of Aalborg, who were asked how they would imagen the best theatre play in the world. All the inputs and desires vocalized in the interviews, found their way on stage in the most crazy, funny, romantic, action packed play you could ever imagine.

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