Live Guy, Dead Guy

by Neil Luck & Anders Bigum

Live Guy, Dead Guy is a 30 minute music theatre piece for 4 performers. It was originally developed as part of AUT's Operatic Mass Actions' project in Aarhus, Denmark, before receiving it's full premiere in June 2018 at London's Cafe Oto as part of the Kammer Klang concert series.

Live Guy, Dead Guy is a piece in two acts for 4 performers.

The two acts are in some ways connected, but in most ways not. Each are alternative ways of looking at a similar set of problems.

The work is concerned with issues of digital identity, how we connect with each other in a digitally mediated and visually orientated world, and the neo-liberal aspirational shift away from physical labour to disembodied digital labour.

Each act of the piece takes filmic tropes as the basis of the performance aesthetic.

Son/Corpse: Adam de la Cour - Mother/Violin: Chihiro Ono - Father/Viola: Benedict Taylor - Medium: Neil Luck - Video: Anders Bigum

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