Video Installation


NOON explores the social dynamics between generations, and the contrasts between traditional and contemporary society. Choreographer Troels Primdahl and I worked with locals in Blanca, a rural village in southern Spain. We managed to work with a group of elderly women, the theatre group Las Atrevidas and a group of younger teenage girls from a dance school, Las bailarinas de Zariza Danza. The process of working with both a younger and an elderly social group in the village gave a very interesting view into the social dynamics and contradictive relations of each group to the traditional way of life in the village.

Featuring: Las Atrevidas, Las bailarinas de Zarisa Danza, Ignacio, Troels Primdahl
Directed by Troels Primdahl & Anders Bigum - Assistant Director: Anabel Laborde - Director of Photography: Anders Bigum -Choreography: Troels Primdahl - Post Production: Anders Bigum - Music by Martin Behrndt - Producer: Abraham Hurtado
Produced by Centro Negra, AADK

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